Brand Startup

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We assist you creating your fashion brand from scratch.

How do we work?

To create your styles, we need a technical pack with all the measurements, and also sewing details, and finally a fabric composition and color reference. If you are providing the fabrics, we also need the name of the supplier and price per meter or kilogram.

In case if you do not have that necessary information, because you are not yet experienced in textile, we can also do it another way:

  • Send us a piece of clothing and we can copy the measurements and also the sewing details, so that we can make your style
  • If you do not have references of the fabric you want to use, it is important to send a piece of clothing or a sample of fabric to use as reference, so we can find you a similar fabric.


  • Stone wash
  • Enzyme treatment wash
  • Fade out
  • Silicone wash
  • Crinkle wash
  • Dry wash
  • Normal
  • Spray
  • Sand wash


  • Pigment
  • Holes
  • Reactive
  • Cold dye
  • Mould
  • Tie dye


  • Manual
  • English
  • With stones
  • All-over
  • Rivets
  • With laser cut
  • With embroidery/high relief


  • All-over
  • Foil
  • Pigment
  • Transfer
  • Water/Screen Print
  • Discharge PRINTS
  • Digital
  • Injection prints
  • Sublimation